Hjørring Gymnasium STX & HF is an upper secondary school steeped in proud traditions. With comprehensive international activities, sending its students into the world and accepting students from abroad, it is, however, also a school very much in keeping with present-day standards. Founded in 1872, the school is today one of the largest sixth form colleges (in Danish: gymnasium) in the region.

Hjørring Gymnasium STX & HF provides two programmes with each their independent profile, namely the three-year STX and two-year HF programmes – both consisting of a broad range of subjects within the fields of the humanities, natural science and social science, and both providing qualifying competences for further education. The school is renowned for giving paramount consideration to academic proficiency and quality while upholding the fundamentals of a sound social environment together with the creative aspects of the educational programme.

Within the educational framework, there are many activities such as sports days, class tournaments featuring a variety of sports, spring concerts and, student festivities as well as creative and social activities. On such occasions, teachers and students meet across class-boundaries, and strong friendships will be established. At Hjørring Gymnasium STX & HF, tradition goes hand in hand with innovation, and the school is thus constantly developing.

On a regular basis, we launch a number of educational projects targeted at the development of new teaching methods and organizational approaches. Here, the students’ council is a very important collaborator making sure that the students will be heard in the many committees in which they are represented. Constituting an important element in the everyday routines of the modern school, student influence is of major significance in the collective decision process. The fact that students share the responsibility in the work that has immediate relevance to their own everyday will provide them with a useful experience of and an education in the workings of a democracy.

Centrally located in the invigorating educational landscape of Hjørring and North Jutland, Hjørring Gymnasium STX & HF plays an important and prominent part on the local arena. The school authorities consider it extremely important that the school contributes to the provision of a high quality education for a considerable number of young people in the area – an education that enhances the potential for personal development.