China, Shijiazhuang

Since 2011, we have had an exchange programme with Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School, Shijiazhuang (Hebei). The school was built in 1994. Today, the school has departments for Kindergarten, a Primary School, a Junior Middle School and a Senior Middle School. There are 12.000 students of which approx. 1200 are at the Senior Middle School.

Every year we send a group of 2-3 teachers and 10-12 students to the school, and receive a Chinese group of students and teachers every year.

As a recent development, our school has become a member of the International Forum, which is an association of the schools around the world, where SFLS has an exchange programme. The Forum was founded in 2014 and the member schools will in turn host conferences for teachers, leaders and students.

We are planning teacher exchanges as a further development of the partnership with SFLS.

The English language is the working language in the exchange, but other subjects are also involved.