Special needs programmes

Spelling and reading difficulties (dyslexia)
We test all new students for spelling and reading problems. To those who will benefit from extra assistance, we offer special courses in spelling and reading in order to support their academic learning.

With the screening programme, we are also made aware of students who may be word blind. Word blind students can be helped by electronic programmes to improve their reading and spelling abilities, and the individual student with these problems can be allotted extra time in both their written and oral exams.

All our students are welcome to contact one of their teachers if they feel the need of help. In all cases, the teaching will be based on the individual student’s needs.
In connection with the Study Café, students can also receive help in essay writing.

Difficulties with mathematics (dyscalculia)
All new students are given a test to identify special needs in mathematics. . Courses to assist the students with mathematics problems are designed and offered to the students in question.

In 2009, mathematics teachers at Hjørring Gymnasium & HF applied to the regional authorities for support to carry out an experimental project in the field of dyscalculia. With regional support the school has since hosted the project and developed tests and devised courses for students with special needs in mathematics. The project has been recognized for its ground breaking research and results, and electronic testing material is now available to other schools. The teachers involved in the project hold courses and conferences and visit schools across the country to spread the knowledge about their project results and to instruct mathematics teachers in how to use the tests.